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C.J. Graves & Jackie Swanson Win Mentoring Award

C.J. Graves and Jacqueline Swanson were joint recipients of the Honorable Darleen Ortega Outstanding Mentor award through Lewis & Clark Law School. The attorneys received this award for their work and involvement with law students as they went through their first year of law school. Here at the Law Offices of Christopher J. Graves we deeply value professionalism and believe it is part of our responsiblity to give back to law students and attorneys who are just beginning their career. Because of this, we devote substantial time to contributing to the law school and law students. In addition to mentoring law students, C.J. is a member of the recent graduate counsel at Lewis & Clark Law School, regularly meets with law students who have questions about the profession and you will often see law students in attendance at firm functions and events.

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