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Our People


Our passion and vision here is to represent individual people and to help each client to navigate his or her personal legal issues. When clients come to our firm, they immediately learn that there is a team working to support them, and each person provides valuable contributions. Please take a look at the profiles below to learn more about the team who will be working on your case.

Krista DeLisle
Associate Attorney


Krista is a recent graduate from Lewis & Clark Law School. She joins the firm having worked extensively both on family law cases and with labor unions throughout law school. Krista maintains a particular passion for cases involving children and has researched and written extensively about parenting time, custody, and child support issues. Krista brings to her work a passion for the individual clients and is a consistently passionate advocate for individual people in employment, family law, or traumatic injury cases. (Click here to learn more about Krista)

C.J. Graves
Principal Attorney


C.J. is the principal attorney here at the firm. His vision for a firm focused on delivering client-centered results to individuals drives the firm's work in helping clients navigate difficult legal issues in their personal and professional lives. This is the fundamental guidepost of the firm: to care for people and help individuals navigate difficult personal and professional legal issues. C.J. focuses on trial work and employment and tort litigation. In the family law context, C.J.'s primary work involves handling litigation as well as working through complex asset and financial matters. C.J. brings experience working in employment, tort, and family law matters as well as significant civil trial experience. (Click here to learn more about C.J.)

Brittanie Stefanik
Legal Assistant


Brittanie comes to us having spent two years working for a business firm. She has gained valuable knowledge dealing with clients, and in handling the complex and meticulous work involved in handling business matters. Here at the firm, In addition to keeping C.J. and Krista organized and on task, Brittanie is the primary point of contact for our clients and provides each client with the assurance that their inquiry is being handled by an individual person who cares for their issues and will make sure their concern is handled in an efficient manner. (Click here to learn more about Brittanie)

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